Works on canvas

Self portraits, nude, 44 years apart

Acrylic on canvas, 40" x 35.5" Summer 1976

Acrylic on canvas, 40" x 35.5" August 2020

August 2020

August 2020, closeup

Tom, For Anne

acrylic on canvas, 36" x 30" November 2019

private collection Anne Lowe Phelps

Closeups, Tom, for Anne

Mom and Ben, before her stroke

acrylic on canvas 36" x 27" October 2018

collection of Benjamin Nakhnikian-Weintraub


I painted mom as she was the summer we visited before the stroke which paralyzed her left side and left her aphasic. I began this painting during the three years after the stroke, but could not finish it until after her death. I painted Benjamin as he was at the time I finished the piece, so they exist together, mom in the summer of 2012, Ben in the summer of 2018.

Hannah Mute 1 diptych

acrylic on canvas January 2011 22 x 16

Hannah Mute 2

January 2011 22 x 20

Eric and Chanda Dawson

November 2008 32" x 44"

private collection Gary Dawson


Spring, Sofia

May 2008 21" x 42"

artist's collection


Winter was long. People I loved died. Our dog Mystic died. I walked our new puppy Pan through the dark and wet. Slowly the morning light returned and the grasses turned green. One morning lavender flowers appeared among the grasses. Each day brought new color. Spring, Sofia is about those colors, the change of seasons and the beauty that change brings. And it is about my oldest daughter. Each color I used in this painting had to be beautiful. The subject is also in the spring of her life, smooth and subtle as the meadow. Even as it arrives I feel the passing of spring and anticipate the departure of this daughter who leaves for college in the fall. My work increasingly depends upon beautiful color to convey what is honorable about the struggles inherent in living.

Healing Spirits Group Portrait with Devon Trottier, V.M.D.

January 2006 63" x 40"

Sofia and Artemis

December 2002 57" x 30"

private collection of Sofia N-W

My Cousin Jason (Posthumous)

August 2002 24" x 38"

Private Collection his wife Jamie

Ben and Mystic

January 2003 36" x 30"

Private collection of Ben N-W

Rodelle and Stanley Weintraub, 50thAnniversary Portrait

August 2003 51 1/2" X 42 1/2"

Private Collection David Weintraub

Hannah's World

March 2004 54" x 34"

private collection Hannah N-W

Reading at the Beach (Mystic and Mark)

October 2004 18" x 29" x 32"

donated to auction for Eugene Public Library

Bonny and Amanda

May 2006 24" x 64"

Private Collection Bonny Bettman McCornack

Playing in the Absolute Center of My Heart

January 2007 4' x 5'

private collection Mark Weintraub


Dr. Emma Lee Junior

May 2007 5' x 2'

Private Collection Dr. Junior

Best Friends U-School Class of 1970 (with ARFF)

Summer 2006 October 2007 4' x 4'

Private Collection Dr. Nancy Saltzman