Judith Nakhnikian 

Paintings and Drawings                                                       Eugene, Oregon 

Making art requires uninterrupted time, thought, and solitude that have always been difficult for women to find in the midst of competing demands of job, family and community. For more than thirty six and a half years I struggled to make art while working as a criminal defense investigator and raising a family. I retired from my job at the federal public defender's office as of December 1, 2017, and have only my middle child and husband left at home with me. Now, I have time.

My artistic focus is expressionist portraiture. I look under the surface, and try to paint what is unique and beautiful about each of us in our relationships to ourselves, one another and the world we occupy. I used to wonder if I could justify the time I spend in my studio, and the subject matter of my art, in the face of political kleptocracy, environmental crisis, social injustice, economic inequality, and institutional indifference to human suffering. Then I look at art in history and remember that there has always been a place for paintings that reflect what we strive to be and to love. 

Life is short, and everything feels personal to me, the air, the water, the person begging on the corner, my family, our blue world.

I am figuring out what I want to create during this mature part of my life.  New work is up in  all categories. I may post images of older works, some of which I have lost track of, and would love to see again.

I still aspire to appreciate and express what is beautiful in my work, looking deep into some grimy harsh exteriors. Portraiture has traditionally been of the wealthy or famous. I usually paint ordinary people who, when examined closely, are not ordinary at all.

Hannah at Dinner     April 2006 10" x 16"   Collection of the Artist

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